Echochorus is an experiment in Dub Techno and Minimal Techno led by Kirils Lomunovs, Latvia based multi genre sound and video artist, also known as vintage analog synth expert, who works in the field of experaimental electronic and analog music and has been a part of the alternative scene in Latvia since the early 90-ties. During the years, in a search of a novel sound, deep electronic and analog sound exploration led Kirils Lomunovs to participate and establish several dissimilar musical projects such as Kriipis Tulo, Astrowind and Echochorus. His music was published in Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Turkey, Spain, USA and Ukraine. Four of Echochorus albums (Alley, Aelita, Ayahuasca Experience Live and Matu Ausis) were published during 2012 and 2013 in Paris, France.