Kontaktor 2018

KONTAKTOR 2018 - Live Elektronik Musik festival’s first edition took place on first of June in Von Trompovska Quarter, Sarkandaugava Industrial Park.


Ganību dambis 31, Rīga, LV-1005, Latvija

Industrial spaces have been a common starting point for such events across the world for decades, with only few precedents in Riga: changing that the first edition of KONTAKTOR took place at Sarkandaugava Industrial Park.

The industrial complex was established in 1888 and has not been open to general public ever since continuing to hold its history discreetly by itself. On the first of June KONTAKTOR opened the doors to the main building inviting everyone to experience musically diverse live acts divided on two stages. The absolute and invariable axiom for the night being loud & intense journey of live electronic music

A surprising experience through and through. I’m really looking forward to see how they push it forward next time.

Mark Verbos

The line-up kept evolving throughout the night giving space to everything from abstract noise to heavy techno. KONTAKTOR made sure you never got bored by the music played, taking place in an old factory with dirty old concrete walls, rusty doors, big rusty pipes and broken windows. And to this picture add some of the finest sound systems and the best light designers out there.


Great sound, on-point production and a distinctive atmosphere. I fucking loved it.


KONTAKTOR is an experience like non-other. In a venue that screams industrial the Erica Synths crew have managed to assemble a spectacular celebration of underground electronic music.


A bold statement to provide a place where modular electronic music has been given the opportunity to show what it can do for a big audience.