AUX 88


Aux88 are Detroit’s electro and bass-heavy techno pioneers Tom Tom and K-1.

The group was originally formed as “RX-7” in 1985, then known with another project as Sight Beyond Sight, before forming AUX 88 in 1993. Aux 88 live performance effect is that of an electrified old school hip hop show. It isn’t accidental. Aux 88 is one of the few who remember that techno has its roots in the hip hop of pioneers like Afrika Bambaataa, Planet Patrol and Newcleus.

Meaning “derived from another species,” xeogenetic is an accurate description of what Aux 88 has stood for from the beginning. Hip hop, techno, Miami bass, trip hop and funk all have legitimate claim to the sound that is Aux 88, which is something different altogether. So the question may be asked, “Who exactly is Aux 88? What is their sound?” As Tom Tom says, laughing from his base of operations in Detroit, “Aux isn’t looking to fit any one description. Aux is looking to make people dance by any means necessary. And while Aux has a definite sound, easy to identify, Aux is *never* the same group twice!”