Started out as a deejay in Radio Tilos, Hungary’s biggest underground radio station, he had already been composing music on trackers since the mid 90’s. Since 2006, he has been collecting and practising music on analog hardware. Now he records everything live and synthesises everything on the fly – from beats to processing, all audio and most of the controls are analog, but he has been discovering the possibilities of ‘primitve’ digital circuits as well. Audio and clock signals have already joined forces in his modular system, heavily influencing one another. He has always been a shortwave- and natural radio enthusiast, so he often ends up using the two as sound sources in his music or he simply synthesises ‘radioesque’ sounds. In the end, whatever genre it may be, he always seems to come back to dub and techno aesthetics, constantly rethinking them, tweaking whatever forms he likes, heavily versioning himself and artists he finds inspiring. He has been performing live since 2012. He was doing introductory electronic music workshops and writing articles on modular synthesis, in hope to raise more cultural interest in Central Europe. Nowadays he just performs and sometimes produces music.