KODEK is perhaps the most progressive representative of the contemporary underground music scene in Latvia. Creating sounds in atypical genres, he operates with current actualities, usually surprising bystanders with his over-modern attitude to the accepted standards. Producing in aesthetics of some of the heaviest chiptune, to savory synth funk, to his recent fantastic leap into techno, KODEK embodies the energy and excitement that only comes from truly independent music. With his shows he usually challenges listeners to think outside what is seen as ‘normal’ by the conservative sweep of culture. In his live performances and records KODEK is known to drift far away from the well-known and conventional. From 2005 he has been a regular player both on the local stage & abroad – rocking out dance floors from trendy nightclubs to underground heavy metal events. KODEK is also the winner of the best electronic music album 2012 at the Latvian Music Awards for his album “Flavors From The Future”, his latest release being album Hi-Low Aerobics published on Dirty Deal Audio in 2016. At the moment KODEK works as a team rider for “Erica Synths” being an essential part of the structure.