While some collect records, Andreas Tilliander collects Roland machines. They’re the only instruments he uses to make acid- and dub-tinged music as TM404. This setup is certainly a show – Tilliander who is also known as Mokira, made its LIVE debut as TM404 at Berghain, Berlin during the CTM Festival in January 2013. Despite having pretty minimal output, TM404 has been nabbed for a significant number of sweaty gigs bringing the live set to Tokyo, Nagano, Taipei, Shanghai, New York City, Bern, Venice and the experimental circuit, joining lineups at Mutek and Atonal Festivals. Richie Hawtin is a fan and has invited the man behind TM404 to perform together on several occasions. No wonder Mr. Plastikman digs what Tilliander, the man behind the TM404 moniker does. Depending on the situation, a live PA could be chilled out and dubby or full on acid techno. TM404 is not a one-guy-with-a-laptop-experience – main instruments on stage are three Roland TB-303’s and some drum machines, fx and samplers.

As Mokira and Tilliander his music has been released on legendary labels like Raster Noton, iDeal Recordings, Mille Plateaux whereas TM404 is pre-dominantly released by the notorious Malmo based Kontra-Musik.

Just after his first album dropped in 2013, Tilliander told Attack Magazine, “My plan is not to turn TM404 into yet another main floor act or into DJ tool techno 12-inches. This is about something else.”