Marco Haas started to work within the field of music in 1997 and has had diverse outputs ever since – drummer, producer, DJ and the label boss of the legendary Shitkatapult. His first full-length releases on Shitkatapult were dedicated to the darkly charged traces of an electronic music that combined bass drum and ambient, snottiness and greatness. At the same time, some 12″es were spotted on Cologne’s Kompakt imprint the latter being big rave news with a terrific sawtooth confidence, an iconized rock masculinity that didn’t only go all jolly and funny, but also big and serious. Later releasing on the Novamute – the club outlet from London’s Mute label. May 2017 saw Cologne’s Kompakt releasing his new, epic solo album called Heimat. Back to the roots – but also into heaven! This new full-length presents another side of T.Raumschmiere, which was always present, but never got much airtime: the artist, the author – the composer with the crystal-clear sound. A wonderful techno album that neither excludes Ambient, nor gets reduced to a constant ass kicking. It’s perhaps the best recording from this man who asks so deeply, so extensively, so much. And at some point even answers.