Kevin Richard Martin


Kevin Richard Martin also known as The Bug is a prolific British musician and record producer known for his full-scale mastery of sonic intensity. For over two decades, Martin has commandeered a multiverse of projects including the monstrous jazz maelstroms of God, the menacing, lead-heavy beats of Techno Animal, the feverish dreams of King Midas Sound, and the dread-infused dance-hall of The Bug.

Kevin Richard Martin will perform SIRENS live

A blazing passage of bass and dub sirens, an absolute and crushing bass – seconds become hours, and hours become seconds; Sirens somehow creates a sense of time that is without anchor and is foggy in a way that is profoundly uniqueLawrence English

Sirens is a work of deep texture and curdled shade; it resembles a smudged imprint of Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works 2 where only memories of melody remain. It is both abstract and primal, the recorded equivalent of a panicky feeling in the gut; its moments of staggering dark intensity bring to mind the nameless dread of the best horror soundtracks Pitchfork

This is a record which deserves your time and effort; it is not an easy listen and nor should it be. It is a dense and weighty work of art which examines the areas between life and death in which we shall all find ourselves. (..) If you’re human, then Sirens will resonate with you.The Quietus

Sirens documents the intense experience of the emergency surrounding Martin’s first child’s birth, charting the emotional roller coaster that is the arrival of parenthood.